western valve西部阀门18r2a,18r2as,18r2asa,18r2e,18r2es,18r2ese,18r2f,18r2fl高压截止阀5000psi-凯发k8旗舰厅


constructed from a forged brass body,this high flow master valve was designed to meet general compressed gas manifold requirements. this valve has a pressure rating of 5000 psi at 70° f.the seat plug is manufactured from aluminum silicon bronze, and available with a choice of kel-f or vespel seat insert. this valve offers low torque operational features that include a ethylene propylene rod t-seal, a teflon coated stainless steel seal ring, and a delrin thrust washer. this design offers excellent seal capabilities for hot and cold temperatures.


1、最大工作压力:5000 pisg

2、进口接口:1/2”npt ~ 1”npt

3、出口接口:1/2”npt ~ 1”npt



阀体valve body:黄铜brass

座椅插头seat plug:铝合金silicon青铜,带kel-f或vespel座椅aluminum sillicon bronze w/ kel-f or vespel seat



t形密封杆rod t-seal:乙烯丙烯,带聚四氟乙烯支承环ethylene propylene w/ teflon back-up rings

推力w垫圈delrin thrust w asher-delrin

密封圈seal ring:聚四氟乙烯涂层不锈钢teflon coated stainless steel

70°f时,阀体的最大工作压力为-5000 psi

maximum valve body operating pressure- -5000 psi @ 70°f

cv值cv factor:3.1

▊装配说明assembly instructions:

1、在180-55k或v)阀座塞螺纹上涂抹braycote 803润滑脂,并将其放入阀体中。







注:阀盖组件采用bracote 803预润滑。如果需要额外润滑使用braycote 803。卤代碳不是一种可接受的t形密封杆润滑剂。

1. apply braycote 803 grease to the 180-55k or v) seat plug thread and place in body.

2. using the 18r2-2 stem, screw the seat plug clockwise to seated position.

3. place 18r2-6 seal washer on top valve body sealing surface.

4. place the 18r2-14 thrust washer into groove of 18r2-3a bonnet.

5. screw 18r2-3a bonnet assembly over valve body clockwise to seated position.

6. torque 18r2-3a bonnet to 190 ft/lbs.

7. install 180-5 handle, 306-11 spring, and 306-17 nut.

note: the bonnet assembly is pre- lubed with bracote 803. if additional lubrication is required

use braycote 803. halocarbon is not an acceptable lubricant for the rod t-seal.